Luce Tranquilla Kennel - official breeders of Blue Great Danes

Best blue great danes Kennel in Italy since 2017 SIA Breeders Trophy - Winner of the breeding groups Best in Show at the European Dog Show



7 blue males and 6 blue females

Born on June 21st 2022

some male and female puppies are available

Pl. Ch. IPPON Della Baia Azzurra (EuDDC confirmed stud male, HdA EdO, European Winner 2018 and 2019, Vice World Winner Jr, Italian, International, Spanish, French and Portuguese Champion, Italian, German, Polish and Spanish Club Champion) from Noe von Herstallturm and Djezabel della Baia Azzurra

VATUSSA della Luce Tranquilla (ENCI selected offspring, HdA Ed0, Best puppy in Club Show, Best Juniores in International Dog Show, Excellent in specialty show ) from Pericle della Luce Tranquilla and Tundra dei Monti del Keraton

We are official breeders of blue Great Danes only, affiliated to the Italian Kennel Club ENCI -World Canine Organization FCI, signatories of the ENCI code of ethics, inscribed to the registry of breeders and members of the Italian Society of Great Danes, SIA.

 The Kennel is situated in the countryside of Sabina, near Rome, in the hills between Fiano Romano and Magliano Sabina – a few kilometres from the A1 motorway exit Ponzano-Soratte.


Our Great Danes are treated with love and respect from the very first day of their lives, being raised both indoors and outdoors, always with their mother and in a close bond with humans. The puppies’ parents are selected by morphology, character, intelligence, equilibrium and health, undergoing X-rays, screening for hip dysplasia and echocardiographic examinations. The puppies that we breed, take their first breath within our hands, and so there is a strong imprint with humans right from the beginning. During the neo-natal phase, the puppies are handled and stimulated on a regular basis every day in order to accelerate the development of their nervous system and to encourage the stability of their emotions. During their growth the puppies have continuous contact with us and with their mother, as well as visits from strangers, children and other domestic animals, in order to educate them to the right level of emotional reaction towards different external stimuli.
The correct behavioural development of the puppies is of utmost importance in preparation for their inclusion into human society, because, even if the character has a hereditary base (and the character of the Great Dane is the most remarkable one that I have ever come across in the canine world), a large part of the behaviour of adult dogs depends on how they are raised during the first weeks of their lives and even how their mother has been treated during her pregnancy.
We do not produce more than three litters in one year, and only in good seasons, thereby allowing the puppies to grow up happily in the open air.


There are people who believe that the selection of pedigree and being affiliated to the Italian Kennel Club only applies to dogs who are intended to participate in dog shows: nothing could be further from the truth. A lineage that is carefully chosen through morphology, character, intelligence, equilibrium and health is very much a real and proper seal of approval of the dog and is even more necessary in the case of a big dog like the Great Dane. Behind the birth of a puppy from a serious and certified breeder lies a lot of work in the selection, nursing and social integration. In this way and with this commitment the puppies are born and grow into healthy, happy, beautiful and balanced Great Danes, which will be partners for life as well as being entertaining, intelligent and trustworthy; they can be taken anywhere, and one can be proud them.


I am Tamara Papiccio, an official breeder, affiliated to the Italian Kennel Club, a canine behavioural therapist and an educator/instructor in cognitive behaviour. I have been fortunate enough to grow up alongside many dogs, and animals play a very important role in my life. As a human being I acknowledge that I have a huge debt of gratitude towards them, because they have allowed me to develop a major part of my social and mediation skills and broaden my mind, i.e. my own culture. Great Danes have given me the awareness of the value of a ‘bond’, which is interpreted as friendship and love in the broadest sense of the meaning. 

My Danes for me are what Konrad Lorenz calls ‘‘the animals with the significance of home”, meaning that they are capable of making me feel complete, happy and at ease wherever I may be, as long as they are here with me. From the Danes I can appreciate a sense of humour, which is one of the great resources of civilisation, because they always manage to make me laugh with their zany posing, referring to the truth about living for the moment, at a time when my mood may be affected by the typical fluctuations of the human mind. Furthermore, the Danes never fail to surprise me with the powers of reflection that they have thanks to their high levels of reaction, every time reminding me just how broad their intelligence really is.




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